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thinking again..

i was thinking.. lol.. again.. as always..
when i was a kid i used to dread spellings.. dread them a lot..
each time i forgot to put a dot on the i or forgot to cut the head of the t and began my sentence with a small letter.. and a plethora of other reasons i got a deduction of 1/4 to 1/2 mark/mistake off my grand total and i wondered y is it so difficult to stand first in class.. in the primary school.. with all the logic i created no my paper.. perfect and capable like a symphony.. like the waltz.. but the teachers always would concentrate on the spellings.. what about the innovation.. what about looking at matters which are bigger than petty spellings.. it won’t even matter if we were attacked by aliens and got colonized.. we might even have to write in gibberish.. then what?? whose ur teacher then??

these days i feel its simple.. one of the easiest thing on planet earth is to write the spelling of a word like “remuneration”.. just run a spell check before sending the email.. and they spend so much of correcting spelling mistakes.. duhh.

p.s.  oh yes.. and if you do not know.. these days i am in london.. no more of new york stuff..


wisdom begins at the end

i am having another tooth.. i mean maaan.. gawd!!.. another one..?? for heaven’s sake.. am i not too old for those tooth fairy and golden tooth farm stories.. darn..
the only 1 thing in ur body that will trouble u for the rest of ur life after u are born is tooth(obviously other than ur stomach, limbs, head, eyes, nose, lungs, heart, thyroid, pancreas, liver and kidneys to name a few…)
no matter how old u get u will always have another wisdon tooth coming out… tearing thru ur gums which are already tired of blabbering all day.. (gawd life is difficult) and the worst part of the whole story is that this is not the first time i am becoming wise.. i had become wise sometime back.

and as they sayeth “wisdom begins at the end” i have to wait patiently while the rest grow and then i be finally wise..

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Iron Gym Xtreme

“its always good to start.. or atleast lay the foundation stone..” said some big and intelligent man once..

so i finally started, or atleast laid the foundation. I bought the make me a machine tool of the century from the As seen on TV shop THE IRON GYM XTREME.. taaadaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i tried hanging(literaly) from it today morning for 3 regularly short intervals of 3 seconds each… and i already feel my biceps,triceps and forceps becoming stronger and more muscular..

to confirm i went and tried demonstrating my biceps to my wife after the act and she was amazed/blinked/swept off her feet/shocked/choked/halucinated and other exclamation marks…

given that every child’s dream is to become like ooomph six packs.. ooomph musscellls.. ooomph.. ooomph Kool i am probably starting to live that dream.. however as i remember once i had a pair of dumbles which my frnd had given me to keep because he wanted to hide it..(maaan who wants to hide the awesomeness within u??, maybe i shudn’t comment) and i tried everyday in the evenings. and darn i built prety good muscles.. in my brain…ūüė¶ and then now the muscles are accumulating on my tummy… aaah nooo.. man.. not six packs.. what did u think?

but as i mentioned above.. that I have Decided.. Decided to become Kool…. Koolest of them all.. if possible..
(probably my wife will read this sometime and say.. Oh!! ComeOn Gimme a Break) But.. i am determined… this time.. to be the survivor.. maan i already feel tired after this determinatory statement of determination.. or maybe i am actually tired because of the workout in the morning.. i wonder..


i can make u an offer

i like to think a lot.. thats what i mostly do, if i am not working, sleeping or talking on fone.. now dont ask me if i have any other hobbies.. i don’t. i always promise myself i will follow the news on the weekend or re-do my 3 year old resume.. but i usually end up spending my weekends thinking.. i think.. a lot.. questions like .. y does my apartment always smell of whats cooking upstairs? or why is it that my laptop adapter gets so hot in 10 mins.. y does my apartment smell of whats cooking upstairs can be a question i can answer.. 1. because i normally get a cut of whats cooking upstairs and 2. intense indian or pakistani food smells, guess thats what tingles the taste buds. however being an engineer myself its a disgrace i can’t answer y the adapter gets heated up..(disgrace?? probably not!)
people do many things.. on office time.. i like to browse for deals on deals2buy but as my manager puts it.. “he only looks”
i have been wondering recently.. 2 years in new york.. bit more, i have not seen the statue of liberty up close.. but thats all right.. my landlord upstairs spent all his life working just outside the world trade center, he thought he can go visit the wtc whenever he wanted to.. its there any ways…

its so easy to sit and watch the days pass by.. it was only yesterday when i sat on a flight completely clueless.. nothing much changed.. i am still clueless.. but maybe i am already bored of the color green.. plastic looks much better to me..

its time for a change.. i can make an offer.. probably I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your address..

what do u think?

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its time for ’em to be back

probably its time for the vampires to be back on earth.. and while i tried to get a reason for this thought i realised that these r the only creatures who actually have any sort of control.. control on free will..
God said u cannot control, free will..(in Bruce almighty) and Devil couldn’t.. in Constantine..

but above all i think its time.. human beings had enough in this world.. and anyways warewolves are animals..(probably many feel .. so r vampires) nevertheless
they say think before u wish.., but i would really like to travel to transylvania, might end up being bitten, or if they plan to settle in some other part of the world more easily accessible than transylvania or if they plan to scatter everywhere and take over the whole world.. then i might not have to go anywere to get bitten here at the ease of my home.. lets c what happens and whats in their minds..

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..is a sign of prosperity

given my obsession with myself – i am often found standing in front of the mirror staring at myself.. .. GAWD!!!.. just joking.. i don’t do that and those who know me know i don’t do that..
anyways.. thought of doing that this weekend.. and then discovered that i had developed a sort of something like a pot belly.. wao wao wao.. chill… its not a pot belly as in pot belly.. its a cute small bulge.. which in case i don’t take care might eventually turn into a full scale pot belly..
given that i am carrying a potential pot belly.. and that this is going to become an asset in the long term.. as my dady would put it.. “is a sign of prosperity”.. my son your social status will not be measured not¬†by how many apartments you own.. or how many cars you own but by the radius of your belly..
although i guess he is one of the most handsome man in my locality.. but probably i guess he is showing his sign of prosperity and i being his son, decided to start early..

in our part of the world.. having a pot belly is a sign of prosperity.. and talk about slim girls.. are actually under-nourished..
although i promised myself to exercise often(monthly) and eat healthy food(Right Aid had this extreme offer.. 1 Haagen Daaz tub free with another.. and next day 1 chocolate bar free with another.. – at this point of time my fridge is half emptyhalf full, however it wasn’t on Saturday when i went to the market.. and if you don’t trust me try the coffee in Ice Cream.. and as my mommy tells me that ice cream might be bad for me(when others say i should eat more) she painfully pointed out that i have actually developed a tummy which is visible these days and that my fianc√©e might out…:(


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